Amsterdam Tropen Hotel

A room with a view

(H)eerlijk slapen bij Amsterdam Tropen Hotel

If you listen carefully you can hear the elephants in Artis Zoo. Or maybe that is just your imagination. Gazing across the green park, wide lanes and the awe-inspiring building of the Royal Tropical Institute, everything seems possible. The world at your feet – or at least east of Amsterdam. The view from Amsterdam Tropen Hotel is impressive. The city at its most beautiful, ready to be discovered.

Our hotel is located in the east of Amsterdam and that is good news. This bustling neighbourhood has all the ingredients that make a visit to the Dutch capital so remarkable. The historic centre is a bicycle ride away whilst typically local sights and sounds thrive just around the corner. Eat with Amsterdammers on the Middenweg, take a walk in the park with the neighbours and go for a relaxed shopping spree in the trendy boutiques of the Linnaeusstraat. East west, east best!

The vendors on the Dappermarkt, the people strolling in the Oosterpark, even the animals in Artis Zoo. They have all known for a while: Amsterdam East is the place to be. And it is not just the locals that feel that way – National Geographic has been impressed too. It proclaimed the Dappermarkt to be one of the ten best shopping streets worldwide.

It all started with the search for a place to store all the trinkets from the colonies and research the possibility of making the trade more profitable. In the end it was decided to just build it from scratch. Eleven years later, in 1926, the monumental building we now know as Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen was established.

Water-saving showers, organic produce and recycling to the max. Amsterdam Tropen Hotel breathes sustainability – and that includes a high level of corporate social responsibility. We want to contribute to keeping the city as beautiful, clean and liveable as possible and we believe sustainability is the only way forward.